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KDZ - The Ultimate Secret 1 by AzureKnight2008
KDZ - The Ultimate Secret 1
(( Sequel to ))

FEAR was written plainly on the face of the Demon God of Crimson Thunder Light when his FATAL WEAKNESS had been revealed, and prone to be exploited by his enemy - Anjura the Queen of Darkness. :wow:

Note that the "FATAL WEAKNESS" Zenki-sama has is also the weakness of the other Demon Gods. All of them can be absolutely powerful Warrior Gods, but it would all come to an end, if they were BE-HEADED. :no:

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:iconddrarrowrightplz::iconddrarrowrightplz::iconanimeace-plz-n::iconanimeace-plz-e::iconanimeace-plz-w: :iconanimeace-plz-f::iconanimeace-plz-a::iconanimeace-plz-n::iconanimeace-plz-a::iconanimeace-plz-r::iconanimeace-plz-t::iconanimeace-plz-s::iconddrarrowleftplz::iconddrarrowleftplz:

[My Demon Warriors] -- by :iconmmhinman:

[Chibi Zenki Demon] -- by :icondarkcolorblood:

:iconthankyoujump::iconthankyoujump1::iconthankyoujump2:  for the DEDICATION, dear amazing artists!!! :iconbowplz:


Screenshots of Zenki, puppet image of Ozunu-sama and Anjura the Shadow Master from Kishin Douji Zenki [Manga]
KDZ - Kishin no Akumu-- ENNO OZUNU??? by AzureKnight2008
KDZ - Kishin no Akumu-- ENNO OZUNU???
As revealed from the series, Ozunu-sama is...... a Demon God's NIGHTMARE???


Zenki: **screaming in the background** "BAD JOKE! I'VE NEVER BEEN AFRAID OF THAT OLD GEEZER!!!" :rage:

AK2008: "Now, now... I don't think you have ever been afraid all your life as a Warrior God, Mr. Almighty Crimson Lord, so no need to go to extremes in order to get your point across." :D

........... Still, there are certain exceptions to consider, especially when they hold S-E-C-R-E-Ts that may absolutely NOT be in your best interests. :strip:

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Screenshots of Zenki from Kishin Douji Zenki [Manga]
KDZ - Ironic 12 by AzureKnight2008
KDZ - Ironic 12
(( Similar Event ))

The mighty Zenki may get absolutely WORKED UP; however, if he encounters those **things** mentioned above. :icondontunderstandplz:


Chiaki: "Zenki, do something!" :iconehhhplz:

Chibi-Zenki: "I... I HATE slimy things!" :iconnoooooplz:

Chiaki: "YOU USELESS TWIT!!" :iconwtfboomplz:


It's advisable NOT to push your luck while he's in his true form. :iconwatchitplz:

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Screenshot of Zenki from Kishin Douji Zenki [Anime]
Japanese Kanji title : 鬼神童子ZENKI

Japanese Roma-ji title: Kishin Douji ZENKI

English title : Demon God-Child ZENKI

== MANGA ==

Story: Kikuhide Tani ------ Art: Yoshihiro Kuroiwa

Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Bloody, Ecchi, Humor.

Number of volumes:


7 [2nd edition]

Running period:

1992-1996 (Monthly Shounen Jump - 1st edition - Shueisha Publisher)

2005 (2nd edition - Bamboo Publisher)


Long long ago in the late 7th century of Japanese history, the great Bodhisattva Enno Ozunu controlled several guardian spirits to defend the world from Evil, among whom were the two most famous Demon Lords in the universe: Zenki - the powerful fearsome Fighting God of Crimson Thunder Light, and Goki - the noble Guardian God of Azure Light.

Centuries later, Enno Chiaki - a junior highschooler, female Shinto priestess & the 55th generation descendant of Enno Ozunu - is destined to become the new master of Zenki & Goki when Evil rises in this world once more.

And the legend lives on.....


Wonderfully illustrated, bound by magic, fierce action, thrilling adventures filled with a touch of romance and light-hearted humor, the series, though old, retains its utmost freshness that would certainly impress readers to no end. :heart::heart::heart:

~~ VOL 01 ~~…

~~ VOL 02 ~~…

~~ VOL 03 ~~…

~~ VOL 04 ~~…

~~ VOL 05 ~~…

~~ VOL 06 ~~…

~~ VOL 07 ~~…

~~ VOL 08 ~~…

~~ VOL 09 ~~…

~~ VOL 10 ~~…

~~ VOL 11 ~~…

~~ VOL 12 ~~…


Notes: This is a uniquely perfect Chinese Edition I found online. Any questions & comments, please feel free to contact me anytime. :)


:icononionxdplz: LOOKING FOR ENGLISH CHAPTERS????? Some NICE TREATS are available for you!!! :icononionxdplz:

Plz CHECK this link OUT!! ---
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